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I'm having starting problems with my 69 Mach. It has a 351W and a Holley carb. If I crank the engine (not start) and let off the key, it seems as if the engine "kicks back" and spits gas out the carb. Not good. I'm talking a bunch of gas, I had the hood open and gas was running down the underside of it. It seems like a timing problem, but 90% of the time the car will start fine and it runs perfectly. The carb has an electric choke. The car does this hot or cold. Any ideas?? Oh yeah, I had a Carter carb on it also and it did the same thing.
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You should keep the air cleaner (flame arrester) on the carburator while
you are solving this problem. How fast does the motor turn when you are cranking
it. How many miles are on the motor. Have you modified the internals. Do you have
a fire extinguisher nearby.

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couldn't your float be sticking in your carb causing the excess gas?

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The engine cranks normally. Most of the time it will start right up, but if it doesn't start, that's when I have this problem. As soon as you let off the key it "kicks back" shooting gas 2 ft out of the carb. I rebuilt the engine 10 years ago, but didn't install it in the car until 4 years ago. It is a stock rebuild, nothing fancy. I just can't seem to figure out why the engine kicks back the way it does. And yes, I have a fire extinguisher nearby! I'm wondering if it is an intermittent electrical problem. Maybe I'm not getting juice while cranking, but as soon as I turn the key to run I am, causing it to "kick" the way it is.
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