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Hard to start?

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My car for the past two days is giving me a little problem. I have to pump & pump the gas petal, and finally after 5-10 minutes (with giving the starter a rest) I can get it to run. I'll drive it for awhile, and if I do turn it off, and try to restart it, no problems, but if it sits for 10 minutes, I go through the whole process again. Points & plugs are new.

Any clues? manuel Fuel pump, maybe???


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Hi Dan,

Pull a plug wire or pop on the timing light and verify that you're getting spark to the plugs when having this problem....

Does the car run well with no problems once you get it started?

What make and model carb do you have? I'd take a peek in side the bowl when having the problem to see what it looks like in there...

It might be something as simple as a slow leak from the carb wetting the intake manifold while the car sits, creating a over-rich mixture for starting....then with you pumping the gas, it gets even more rich...
I've had to crank my car for 30 seconds or so sometimes after letting it sit for a couple weeks...the gas evaporates out of the carb and the pump needs to fill it...

I would think if your fuel pump was weak, you'd have other symptoms...mostly while going down the road...
There's a couple minutes worth of idling fuel in the carb bowl, if the float level is set right....shut the engine off and it's still there 10 minutes later...restarts shouldn't be a problem...

Play with it a bit more, check some stuff and let us know...

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