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Harmonic Balancer question

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I've looked through my Bob Mannel bible and can't seem to find a match to my balancer. I just bought a 66 fastback that came with an extra 289. The motor has a 1965 block but the crank pulley has 4 bolts. The Balancer is part # D5ZE-6316-B2A and the crank pulley is D5ZE-6312-B1A they both look like they have been on there awhile. All that I can find is 3 bolt crank pulleys?
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The balancer that you have came from a 1975 302 as evidenced by the part number D5ZE. D=70's 5= the year within that decade Z=Mustang E=engine relatated.

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Thanks, I knew there had to be a logical explaination. This engine also has 351 heads on it? It looks like a sampling of all kinds of years. The water pump is a 68, the manifold is a 66 etc....
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