I have three harmonic balancers for sale. All work correctly, but two are used.

First is the generic one that came on my 302 block. 50 oz. 3 hole pulley. Timing marks still visible

Second is a 3 hole pulley, late block 50oz Professional Products Powerforce Harmonic Damper, about two years old. Paint is chipping on it, but still very usable (link). Part 428-80007

Last is a brand new in box PowerBond Street Performance Harmonic Balancer. 28 oz four hole pulley. (link) PB1082ST

I’m not sure what these go for second hand, so please offer up a fair shipped price.

I’ll also have a used (4,000 miles) 157 tooth 10.5” flywheel for a world class T-5 in the next few months.