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A lot of people have, but there is a gentleman on Stangnet who has done dozens of these conversions(both 65-66 and 67-68):

As for what I think about them? I think its shows a complete lack of appreciation for the coupe/hardtop body style...but then I am one of those who thinks the coupe actually looks better than the fastback to start with. The fastback tends to round the lines of car that was designed with very crisp lines, it really doesn't belong. I feel about it the same way I do whenever I see a foxbody mustang coupe with a roll cage....someone ruined another perfectly good coupe. That being said, unlike the foxbody generation there are enough 1st and 2nd gen coupes that would otherwise just rust away I would much rather seem them converted to fastbacks than rot in a field because everyone wants a fastback and can't be lowered to restore a coupe.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts