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I am looking at this convertible top, and was curious if anyone else has one. They are manufactured through Kee Auto top Mfg. Co. of North Carolina. I can pick it up for $95 bucks.

I've talked to the person selling it and this is what he had to say,

I am selling the BRAND NEW convertible top for
way under market price. I will guarantee that this top will fit your
1967 Ford Mustang. I have rear windows available, if you need
one. A plastic window is 35.00 + 9.00 additional shipping or a GLASS
rear window is 135.00 + 15.00 additional shipping. If you already have a
good rear window, this top will fit your Mustang if you have a plastic
or a glass rear window. I cannot offer an extended warrantee due to the
low price I am offering this top for.

I've emailed him asking for the density of the top material, but haven't heard back on that yet. A new top from one of the mustang places, go from about $160 to $270 depending if it is set up for plastic or glass.

So what do you think?

Current cars include 1969 Mach 1 and 1970 Cougar XR7 convertible
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Remember that the major cost is installation labor so it makes sense to put on a high quality top that will last so you replace it less frequently. Never heard of Kee, I've known Robbins for 30 years. They are the largest, and in my opinion, the best replacement top manufacturer around, plus they did take the time (and spent the $$$) to redesign the flex hinge window so that it too lasts longer than others.
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