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Has Ponderosa Mustang Fizzled out????

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Does anyone know for sure if Ponderosa Mustang is still in business? There Website says "Out Of Service" and there phone has been busy for 2 days. Matt if your on here, what's going on?
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I know he was at Pensacola, and he posted here a couple days ago. Didn't sound like he was done. Try sending him a private message.

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He's still very much in biz - I bought some stuff this past weekend.
Ponderosa Mustang 1-888-567-FORD or (850) 857-1084
[email protected]

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Matt is still alive and kicking, and still in the Mustang parts business. I know, I just spent $120 with him this weekend. I asked him about his website being down, and he said he had problems with the service provider, so he shut it down. His phone number is still good though.

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Wow Dickson! A photo-finish!

1965 289 Hardtop
MCA #45799
Mississippi Coast Mustang Club
Ponderosa Mustang is alive and well.We closed down our web site.Our webmaster was a joke.We were trying to build a better web site that had more graphics,and to show all our goods.He could talk,but coudnt produce anything he said.So we cut him lose.
If you cant get thru to me keep on trying,or get the answering machine and leave your phone #.I have been covered up with phone calls from the big MCA show we had.
Thanks Matt Ponderosa Mustang [email protected]
1 850 857 1084 1 888 567 FORD
Matt as you can tell is still alive and kicking. Just got my interior and kit for my folddown rear seat 1 day ahead of schedule. Would not have any reservations in getting more. Bad case of Mustangitis....

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