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Hats off to eBay!!

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I see by reading the posts here that everyone has different opinions about eBay, which is understandable, I was in need of a headlight switch for my 65 fastback, I got tired of the dimmer not working properly, anyhow I called several mustang parts resellers and all of them wished me Good Luck finding a switch, reason being that my stang takes the early model 64 1/2 switch with the slanted terminal blades, Mustangs Unlimited had this switch listed for $74 in one of their old catalogs but like the other places I called, dont have any. So since I buy and sell from time to time I searched eBay, Sure enough I found a NOS switch for a 61 to 63 falcons and comets, part # C1DZ11654-A, which is the same switch I needed, Got it for $20.50 + shipping!! Now my gauge lights will dim as intended and get as bright as I want! Yep im a happy camper now so to speak :) So the moral of this story is, If all else fails, Give eBay a try when looking for that hard to locate part!

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Thanks for the story...

I even bought an engagement ring there in '99....

I've had mostly good transactions there.... a few deadbeats but nothing to complain about....

IMO, it's a great place to buy and sell as long as you're careful about what you're buying and who from...

That's good counsel anytime, IMO...

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I've bought a number of items lately for my 66 coupe resto project. Most have been Scott Drake parts and have been less expensive than the catalogs. But thats the way I bid them also.

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Yep, Keep checking and all the parts you need will come up. I cant count how many parts I have found there. (some I didn't really need at the time but the price was right)


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I agree, there are bargains to be found on ebay amidst the feeding frenzy that accompanies some auctions. Most recently, I picked up an in the box NOS disk brake proportioning valve for $69.00 that retails in the catalogs for $180.+

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