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For anyone interested, I have a solution for anyone out there with an Autolite 2100 2v carburetor, that has a problem starting their car after about 15 minutes of being parked.

This will most likely occur to owners who have the large stock air cleaner that "mushrooms" over the carburetor as I do in my stock 1970 302 2v. Symptoms include the obvious smell of gasoline from under the engine.

Of course, such owners should make sure their float level in the carb is set to factory height specifications as well as a good needle valve and seat. When all of this fails to cure the problem I may have a solution for you.

I have manufactured an insulated phenolic carburetor to manifold spacer on a CNC machine that can cure that problem. This spacer limits the heat from the engine manifold "soaking" into the carburetor after engine shut down causing the gasoline within the carburetor to "boil", allowing fuel to flood the manifold.

This problem has plagued me for some time with my vehicle and as mentioned above, I've made an insulated phenolic spacer which includes the port for the PCV valve hose that attaches to the rear of the spacer for those who have a PCV valve in the passenger side valve cover.

Yes my car was originally equipped with about a 3/4 inch thick cast aluminum spacer that was between the manifold and carburetor. This was replaced with the phenolic spacer made on a CNC machine.

If you are interested Email me.

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