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I have two boxes to choose from. Is there a way to tell which one is in better shape
while they are out of the car? One is from a GT with probably 100K miles. the other
is from a car with few total miles but all of those miles the white knuckles variety.

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It's really hard to tell without tearing into them.
You don't want a box that feels "ratchety" when you turn the shaft. Turn the input all the way through both ways and see if you can feel it tighten slightly in the center. A good box has a "high" spot in the very center. Without it the car will want to wander when going straight down the road.
If it feels good but has no high spot, slightly screw in the top adjusting stud to push the sector gear farther into the rack. Adjust and check again for a high spot in the center. The high spot should not be a bind or hard to turn through - just a slight tightness in the center. This is the optimum setting for the box. If it is in good shape it will hold this tension. If it loosens up and does not hold a high spot after being driven, then the box is worn and will need a rebuild. Check with Auto Krafters or Virginia Mustang for a good rebuilt unit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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