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He said-he heard Rant!

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He Said - He Heard, Vol. 1

Statement - "I just need to freshen up the paint. I'll help you with it"

The Restorer heard - "Go grab some Dupont Nason and some old sandpaper out of the trash and will scuff and shoot this bad boy in an afternoon"

The Owner Meant - "On the rotisserie by this weekend, BASF Glasurit base clear and I'll be in Bimini until it's done. Then you can have your $1500"

Statement - "I want a full restoration done"

The Owner Meant - "This is my first full restoration. Please be gentle and help me find ways to reduce the pain of restoring my pride and joy".

The Restorer heard - "I've got more money than Bill Gates and I DARE you to try and spend it all!"

Statement - "$10k to paint the car! Your a crook! I can do it myself for a fraction of that!"

The Restorer thought - "Have fun! Good luck!"

The Owner thought - "can I borrow your 30k paintbooth, your $1200 Sada guns and your 2k air filtration system and take up 4 months in your shop so I can prove that I can do it cheaper?"

Statement - "It's rust free"

The Owner meant - "this shouldn't take much at all to fix!"

The Restorer thought - "Fred Flinstone's car has better floorpans".

Statement - For a little more money we can make this real nice"

The Owner thought - "hey, for 50 bucks more it will make heads turn"

The Restorer meant - "How good is your relationship with your banker?"

Statement - "It's a driver"

The Restorer thought - "Repo is O.K. he drives it every day"

The Owner meant - "I sometimes drive it on and off of it's climate controlled enclosed trailer".

Statement - "The paint came out O.K., It just needs wet sanded"

The Owner thought - "looks good. a little buffing and it will shine!"

The Restorer meant - "It looks like somebody dipped it in glue and rolled it in a gravel pit".

Statement - "Should take about two weeks"

The Owner Thought- "I'll have it in two weeks"

The Restorer meant- "This will make a nice retirement gift to yourself!"

Statement - "Can we hold off working on it for a month or two so I can save some more money?"

The Owner thought - "Free winter storage!"

The Restorer thought - "Free #%#@!! winter storage!"
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Boy, THAT couldn't be more right on................ *G*!!.
David: From the looks of your 2 posts, are you having a bad day??? Sounds like you are sick of people and their cars.....
Nah, just havin' fun!
LOL!!! Wow, were you eavesdropping on my conversations with the restoration shop that did my car?!? LOVED the 'relationship with banker' bit!!!
Yeah, we got a thing going with the banks - everything costs $5000, which is the limit on unsecured loans and they won't take your classic Mustang as collateral so you can get a lower rate. /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif
I lived in Indianapolis for about a year in the early 90's. Is there still a Mustang shop called something like "mustang ranch" that's about 3 miles northwest of the BankOne building? I visited them once on a sales call (old job!)
Thanks for the laughs/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif they were good & right on the money!!!.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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