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Head Gaskets on '65 289

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I'm new both to this forum and to engine rebuilding - please forgive if this has been asked and answered before...

Both the heads and the engine block have the "square" shaped water passages at the front and back, but the gaskets only have cutouts for these at the back. Is this correct?

-Paul in AZ
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my `65 was the same way and the way the passage was blocked with crud, i guessed it was OK
The easiest way to remeber how to put on ford head gaskets is FRONT MEANS FRONT.

Even if you have to flip a gasket over, make sure the imprinted "front" on the gasket points towards teh front of the motor.

Well the "front" part isn't what puzzles me, just wondering why the gasket covers the front water passages from block to head (the back passages are open). Guess I'll just put it on and see what happens. Thanks for the replies!

The heads have the water passeges in front and back to make them interchangeable (one size fits all). There are no functioning water jackets in the front of the engine ... thus the reason 2 are "blocked off".
Have you looked at the intakes water passages to see if they are open or not? I mean front compared to the back!
That answere it! Thanks!

Also to make a left and right head interchangeable!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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