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header bolts??

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what is the correct size is for 351W header bolts/exhaust manifold bolts?? i have the manifold bolts but am needing header bolts for the just installed hooker comp headers thx
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If you can swallow the price, Stage 8 makes the best header bolts you'll find. They have a keeper and e-ring that fastens on to each bolt to keep them from vibrating loose. They're expensive at $50 for the set, but they look good (chrome) and work even better. I haven't had to tighten a header since installed them 2 years ago on my daily driver.

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ARP also makes a very nice set of header bolts in Stainless Steel. They have a 3/8" bolt head on them, so you can get a wrench in there on the tight ones. I use them in my car with the TRI-Ys. Also a 6 point box end wrench with a 'custom grind' is necessary.

good luck...

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