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headers: will they make MORE noise?

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Hi, I know this is a newbie quesiton, but oh well, I'm a newbie. My question is this: I have a 66 289 with dual exhaust and I was wondering a couple things. First of all, my car is allready somewhat loud with the two chamber flowmasters installed, and its right at the edge of being too loud, but right now its just right. Anyways, I was wonderign if I put headers on my car, would they make it sound LOUDER? or how would it change the sound of my car? My second quesiton is how much would it cost to have them proffesionally installed? thank you very much for you answers. See you on the road!
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Everything else the same, headers will be louder than cast iron manifolds. Some headers of thicker stock will be quieter. Note that those thicker headers command a commensurately higher price, not only because of the tubing used, but also generally thicker, more precise flanges, as well as other quality issues. When I went from hipo manifolds to tri-ys, I can't say I saw much in a commanding improvement in performance, but i did see a significant increase in decibels.

Tom Kubler, Long-time Mustang Enthusiast & San Antonio Mustang Club Founder
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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