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headlights,won't work(70 Mach1)-HELP

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Installed new carpet in my 1970 Mach1,after finished I tried to turn on headlights, all side marker,parking lights, & interior lights, work only headlights wont't come on! Anybody got any suggestions how to troubleshoot this problem. Could it be the foot dimmer switch? or is there a relay somewhere?
I've done the obvious, like check all wiring connections and they all seem to be ok,also looks like the wiring to main pull switch on dash is ok.Any help welcome??????
They worked fine prior to changing the carpet I just can't find what i screwed [email protected]
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Yes, Check the dimmer switch. If you had rust floors before, as me, I had to remove mine, diassemble, clean and lubricate it internally and the connector.

You should be able to jumper across two of the plug connectors. If the lights come on, the switch needs repair or replacement.

1970 Mach 1, soon to be finished, 351 4V, Calypso Coral, top loader
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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