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Heard something interesting today.

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I went to my local mom and pop auto store earlier today for some non detergent oil for something and figured I better pick up some tranny fluid while I was at it. Did not see any type F but they did have type FA. I inquired with the owner if FA is the same stuff as F (figured it was but better safe than sorry).
We started talking and he was saying that if you have a newly rebuilt transmission then you can use the type III fluid because the seals and clutch material from a recent rebuild are of the newer more modern standards.
I just picked up a qt of type FA. I sure am not going to be the one to see if there would any trouble if you use type III and I for sure am not going to mix type F with III.
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Don't know if "Pop" is correct, but thanks for the heads-up! I'll be sure to ask when I rebuild my tranny.


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That is interesting. I have an article from a few years back from Road and Track all about different oils and specific applications. They go into using highly detergent, anti-oxidant oils (which are designed for deisel apps) in a classic car's rebuilt engine. The author thought for newly rebuilt engine on an occasional driver that this made a lot of sense - but not for an older engine, as the detergents might actually cause some new oil leaks.
I thought it was pretty insightful - if I remember on Monday (it's in a file at the office) I'll post it. Dickson

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Here what some of the local Chevy guys have passed on to me. They use type F to replace the GM fill. Seems the fluid provides a more positive shift. Lets see, 9" rears are mandatory for Chevy guys, type F fluid is preferred by at least some, wonder what the next FORD item will be that they will need to make their Chevy's better?

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I read somewhere that type F tranny fluid has some sort of friction modifier in it that Ford trannys need. Deltron/Mercon don't have this modifier and cause problems in Ford trannys.

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