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What do I need to do to remove the heater core box in a 68 w/ ac. I've removed the retaining clips where the upper and lower boxes meet and it still isn't coming off. I don't want to break it so I thought I'd ask you guys.

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let's just start by saying, this job is a bitch!!

first thing i do is remove the glovebox liner to access the heater box better.

next, unhook all the vacuum lines and the one cable. go to the engine bay and remove the a/c lines... you gotta discharge the a/c. Unbolt all the little bolts holding the retainer plate on and then take off the rubber gasket. There are about 2 more nuts that hold the heater box and the other small box on, unbolt both of these. once you have all that loose, unbolt the one vertical bolt on the inside that holds the box in and you should be able to wiggle it free. if you can't, you need to take out the center vent and then move the center box out of the way.

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Now you don't need the book.
This is why I like this place;)

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make sure you have all the antifreeze out or a container to catch it in! I didnt get all of the antifreeze out and it made a mess and was hard to get cleaned all up!!!

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I usually disconnect the rubber lines from the engine and push them back through the firewall. This isn't exactly easy, but you probably want to change those hoses anyway, so cut 'm down. It helps to avoid spillage.

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