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You guy's know the little door on the passenger side floor. For the heater. First what is that for and it vibrates really bad and rattles how can I get this to stop.

Thanks John
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just taking a guess here.... could you replace the little foam stuff behind it? maybe it wont stop the rattling, but at least get rid of the noise.

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It's supposed to be a fresh air vent. NPD sells a kit for $8 to replace all 10 or so gaskets and seals inside the heater box. The foam silencer around the vent door is included. I think it's a peel-n-stick opereration. Look in NPD's catalog under heater box.

Good luck,

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Rebuilt my heater box with that kit. It's a good kit, but it's not peel-n-stick.
You'll need to pick up a little aerosol can of hobby adhesive from the local
arts & crafts store. But the kit is nice and along with a light coat of satin
black paint, my heater box looks like new.

On the rattling deal - you might doublecheck that the little latch on the door
is in the closed position.

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Also, the rivets holding the door (it hinges on them) can get sloppy. This causes a rattle also. I drilled mine out and rivited new ones in. Rattle is gone. Seal kit is great, if you're working on the heater anyway, might as well get that over with as well.

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