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Heater face plate

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Hey, well my question for you guys is this I got my ashtray off and about two days I've been trying to take out the nuts but no luck. Where aare the nuts I take off. I see one of them which is on the top right of the Heater Face Plate. And I don't know what size nuts are on it. I've tried all the nut sizes I have. What exactly do I have to do in order to take out the heater face plate, Because I have no clue. And how do I reach the hard to reach places for the Heater Face Plate. Any help would be much appreciated.
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There's 2 nuts. Since you've located the one nut, the other is kitty-cornered to it (and a royal pain to get to). They shoud be 3/8" if they are the correct nuts.

You'll also have to loosen/disconnect the cables as well.

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The bottom nutis a pain to get to. Try this. Remove the speaker grille, speaker and left defroster duct. Then go in through the speaker or defroster duct opening with a 3/8" nut driver. And yes, if you want to remove the face plate, disconnect the control cables and the fan switch wiring harness at the heater.

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