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Heater Fan troubles

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I've been refurbishing my heater, and in the process managed to screw up my heater fan circuit. I have confirmed that the fan actually works by connecting 12v to it directly through the bullet connectors under the hood. I'm pretty sure the four-position switch on the heater control is working - I've checked resistance to ground from the connector on the heater box. I've replaced the resistor unit in the heater box with a new one. I have continuity between the single connector on the heater box (bottom of the resistor unit) and the bullet connector at the fan. The 14a fuse in the fuse block is good. But, I was expecting to measure 12v at the 14a fuse when I switched to ACC with the key, and it measures zip. The radio is working right, so the ACC switch must be ok - right? What would cause me not to see 12v at the heater fan fuse? This used to work before I refurbished the heater, except it was intermittent. I thought that was caused by a bad resistor unit that had been kludged together by the PO. But now it doesn't work at all. TIA!

67 coupe, I6/200, and a C4
Randy (Learning as I go)