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In a previous post someone had bought a heater motor cover or shield. Is this an aftermarket piece? When I bought the car the heater parts were in a cardboard box. It doesn't look like any thing covers the motor on the engine side of the firewall. Am I missing something and where can I find one?
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I didn't see that post but they could be talking about the heater "delete" plate? That would
be a sheet metal piece that covers the hole in the fire wall where the heater motor would have
been in a car specialy ordered with out a heater. Factory race cars, cars destined for Puerto
Rico, and cars ordered by folks with perspiration issues all may have come that way. They are
very rare.

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The previous poster may have been talking about a 69/70 cobrajet heater motor shield. 69 and 70 cobrajet cars came with a heater motor shield ( others may have had this also ) in the engine compartment that was for protecting the heater motor when installing the engine. The shield was supposed to be removed after engine installation, but many where not. I am not aware of any of the earlier cars having such a shield.

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67 and 68 390 and 428 Mustangs recieved them as well, have owned two 67 390 GT's with them.

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