This car belongs to my best friend, Randy, who is in very poor health. He has heart trouble, diabetes, and is not long for this world. He's cash poor right now, and has decided to sell a Mustang that he inherited from his aunt. This car was her baby, and she took very good care of it, even going so far as to have the engine professionally rebuilt, and getting a repaint done shortly before she died of cancer.

He's really never driven the car, except to move it in and out of the driveway every few years. I was out there just two weeks ago, and although he has the gas tank drained, I was able to start the old 289 2V right up, using a shot of starting fluid. I've heard it run on gas (we filled the fuel bowls) a couple of years ago, and it sounds healthy. The car is not entirely original, as the aunt insisted on buying new chrome trim, etc. but it is as it left the factory.

It has been under a car cover in Randy's driveway for about 8 years now, and some of the clear coat seems to be wearing through.

Although some of the trim is not attached, the trunk has every missing piece and a full set of new weatherstripping too. She just never got to put them on or drive it before she died, and Randy's poor health has not led to him putting them back on either.

I've looked carefully at the body, and the only thing I'd note is that the rear bumper seems to have bonked into something at low speed, and needs to be straightened. (it's possible that another car bumped up against it. I don't know the specifics, and neither does Randy) I found no rust, no bondo. It is the original engine, not a replacement. Interior is very clean and does not smell. Stitching on the seats is beginning to come apart (typical for original) but it hasn't been worn or torn up from use.

I have more pics than I can show here, and I'll be glad to share them if you're interested! The site will only let me upload two, due to size limits.

If you are interested in this car, and in helping out my friend, let me know.