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I have a RetroSound Hermosa radio installed in my 65 Mustang Convertible and recently after 14 months in, Im hearing a loud POP sound when it boots on and whenever I change a radio station. Example, move from 98.1 to 98.2FM. This happens between every station and boot up.

Ive traced the sound being the speakers pop out (the noise) then retract (you can visually see this- I have 1 center speaker and a L and R in the kick panels), then out again whenever the radio is changed. Seems like some sort of power issue. I haven't changed anything power related on the car within the last two years so open for ideas. Im going to retrace all the cables and make sure nothing is touching metal.

I did over the weekend replace the radio's "wire harness" (from a new hermosa) that runs from the back of the radio to the cars speakers/power, etc and it stopped for two days then started up again after driving so Im hoping perhaps a wire moved while driving? Wire harness does have a fuse in it that has never been blown. Open to any suggestions anyone may have.

YES I called the manufacturer tech support but radio warranty is only good for 12 months. Im on 14.

Thank you. MD (may post video tomorrow of the POP)
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