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help car won't start

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I have a 65 mustang 6 cyl. I drove my car home friday and parked it and i go to start it monday morning and i hear a clicking noise, almost like a grinding sound. Then i turn key again and nothing. My neighbor checked the battery and it was fine, and the solenoid is ok too. When the key is in the on position the dash lights don't come on and headlights don't work either. Please help i have no idea what is wrong. Please help, thanks in advance.

Ok i got it to start i don't know what i did. I was told that a bad headlight switch can draw current and make it so you can't start your car, is this true because when i have it on the lights on the instruments are on and the tail lights are on, and the headlight switch is off.
could it be the headlight switch that was giving me trouble ???
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Don't quite understand, you said when you have it on the dash lights and tail lights are on, but the light switch is off. Do you mean the ignition switch is on, clarify please. Maybe I missed something, this late that happens.

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I suppose there's enough current draw INITALLY to not let the starter do its thing, but the starter is hardwired to the starter solenoid (and battery), while the headlights go through a switch. However, incandescent bulbs draw 10x their steady state current for a few milliseconds, while the filament is heating up; batteries are designed for inrush currents.

I'd check your starter circuit first, including the ground wire from underneath #1 cylinder (near oil pan) to battery "-" terminal. A loose connection could cause your starter to not engage the flywheel teeth, not to mention sparks and other ugly electrical dangers.

BTW, when you check anything having to do with the battery, remove the positive batery terminal first, as a safety precaution.

Perhaps the battery is undersized??


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