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help diagnois my engine problem....continued

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since my last post , i took the edlebrock back to autozone and swapped it out for an equivalent Holley... it is still doing the same thing as listed in problems below except the holley choke appears to be working, but it contiues to die unless i work the accelerator.... what are the odds that i would hit another carb with the float out of adjustment and would you take the Holley back and swap it out? i looked down in the carb after it died and it does look wet with gas...

Here is the setup:

289, new edlebrock 2121 intake, new Holley 600cfm carb(electric choke), new coil, new condensor, new points, new plug wire, new plugs, new fuel pump with the huge filter bowl.

problem1: when cold - it won't stay running without a lot of pumping on the accelerator.

problem2: at idle(when warmed up), it will start and run fine for approx. 45 seconds, then it dies if i don't start feeding it a lot of gas.....if it dies, it acts like it is flooded - big puff of smoke once it starts...

all help/advice will be greatly appreciated..

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