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help diagnois my problem with the engine...

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Here is the setup: 289, new edlebrock 2121 intake, new edlebrock 1406 carb(electric choke), new coil, new condensor, new points, new plug wire, new plugs, new fuel pump with the huge filter bowl.

problem1: when cold - it won't stay running without a lot of pumping on the accelerator.

problem2: at idle(when warmed up), it will start and run fine for approx. 45 seconds, then it dies if i don't start feeding it a lot of gas.....if it dies, it acts like it is flooded - big puff of smoke once it starts...

all help/advice will be greatly appreciated..


65 pony from ground up, inline 6 (son's car),
66 Red Convertible, 289(dad's car)