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HELP !!!! Electrical nightmare (still need help

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Long one here ! I finished restoring my engine compartment and reinstalled my newly rebuilt 289. She runs great, BUT !!! I have an electrical problem. My alternator is only putting out 11.73 volts according to my multimeter. Now the result: The Sears Security battery has a power saver feature which shuts it down if it reaches about 11.5 volts (like in case you left your lights on). The car starts ok, but then the battery shuts down after 5-20 minutes because it is not getting enough juice. The alternator, voltage regulator and starter solenoid are new and correct. Also each of these components has been bench tested at a reputable auto store and all check out great. Also used a new alternator harness, battery cables, etc. I even tried the old alternator, voltage regulator , etc. What is going on ???? Why would the alternator put out 14. 75 volts on the bench test and only 11.73 on the car ??? I tested at the alternator (on the car running) and at the battery, both give around 11.73 volts. I can rearm the battery each time it shuts down, but this won't last for long. SOMEONE at the auto store suggested it may be the ignition switch. He said the ignition switch "excited " or sent a signal to the alternator enabling it to charge ????Also just a few minutes ago, I smelled an electrical burning under my drivers side dash. Could not visually spot the problem. And the engine still starts and runs for a few minutes till the battery shutdowns from too little voltage. Also tried a new replacement SEARS Security battery with same results a few days later (after its voltage dropped from low alternator output). HELP !! I am pulling my hair out. I know turbine engines real well (see profile) but this one has got me going crazy. Thanks to all in advance. This is a great forum. Miss the old one though. Brad

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