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Alrighty, so I have a 1967 Mustang C code GT Fastback that came from Ken O' Keefe Ford in Louisville, Kentucky. I have found it insanely difficult to find any information on this dealership, but here is what I have found. Prior to the O' Keefe name the dealership was Thurston Cooke Ford during the 50’s until 1959 when Thurston Cooke got into legal trouble to which it became Joe Brown Ford which existed from 1960-1964/1965 when it turned into Ken O' Keefe Ford. Ken O' Keefe Ford I found was in operation from 1964/1965 until 1969/1970 by ads found in the Courier Journal (local Louisville newspaper). The dealership was located at 4021 Shelbyville Road in Louisville. I also have seen in a post about Walt Derringer that the dealership turned into Oxmoor Ford which is located at another location as Trinity High School now sits where O' Keefe used to sit but I cannot confirm this. Most of the information I found revolved around a Ford Thunderbolt that was raced by Walt Derringer and was sponsored by Ken O' Keefe Ford in 1964/65 on a forum dedicated to Thunderbolts. If anybody has any information about this dealership please share, I would love to find a dealer license plate or frame for my car but in general would love any information available! I have attached pictures below of the dealership during its Cooke era, Brown era, and O’ Keefe era as well as Walt Derringer's sponsored Thunderbolt racing at US60 Dragstrip in addition to an ad in the Courier Journal from 1965! If anybody has any info, plates, frame, emblems, etc please share!
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