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Hi, I have noticed that the numbers on my build sheet for my 1969 428CJ Mach 1 say my car originally had a 390.On the build sheet it states that this motor was an S code with a 'G' in the performance group, also in the suspension package area it has a 'G' for handelling. When it comes to the wheels it says 60ASPP and the tyres say F70X14 with a colour code WF.The steering wheel the code is 9AA6AB5A with the option steering wheel DLX code is R. In the moulding area the only option is rocker, there is nothing marked in the tapes stripe or panels.
Is this a typical 63C car?

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I would need some more info, but it sounds to me you may have one the few thousand 1969 GTs rather than a real Mach 1. Do you have any other info you may want to share? What is your complete VIN and ALL the data off your door plate? Do the door plate and VIN on the inner fender match??

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