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HELP ME I CAN"T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Man I tell ya, I do one thing to the FBD and it leads to another. Getting ready for CF2 is killing me. I am now redoing the door panels with SWMBO's magic touch. I am going to pull the interior rear quarters and redye them black. Stop me please. Last Night SWMBO and I are looking at the door pulls for the doors and they look crappy next to the new door panels, So we decide to relace them, 9pm last night I call NPD $112.00 later I have new door puls coming. This has got to stop. I have spent too much already. Good thing SWMBO said to buy the door pulls. She said you spent this much so far why skimp now. I guess it help that we got a trophy Saturday all the effort and money paid off.
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Since we are bringing a Suburban to the CF (oh, no!), Midlife suggested I tow the mustang trailer behind it. Hmmmmm. Looking foward to admiring your car and meeting you. See you there! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
That is the problem with addictions! Have fun, Good luck.
ain`t it the truth!
You can't stop none of us can, thats not always a bad thing there's alot worse things we could spend our time and money on. Oh yea by the way, with the new door pulls panels ect and the fancy seats etc, that healiner looking alittle weak don't you think? Carpet alittle worn? LOL

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