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68 turn signal hood, slight dent in the front left side on on the upper side not on the bottom, I am told its repairable.

68 FB deck lid, rust thru on passenger side edge about the side of a small triangle. This is also very repairable.

Disc brake set up from a 70 coupe minus one non-turnable rotor.

Two sets of valve covers set. One prior to 67 with the oil riser on the left side.

One Air cleaner assembly in good condition for 2 barrel

One Air cleaner assembly for I6 in great condition minus decals

Complete set of blue seat belts including shoulder belts. In ok condition

Will list more as I start cleaning up the garage. There will be several other smaller pieces.

Please make a reasonable offer and then figure shipping from 89423. One exception is the hood, you may have to come get that if your not close to Reno, Nevada.

Anything that doesn't sell by Saturday will be placed on Eplay.

Thank you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts