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I have a 65' Coupe. Overall straight car except for one thing ... The Windsheild posts / under the drip rail moldings is completely rusted out! The rust extends from the bottom of the windsheild post all the way back to the rear windows on either side. Its not that deep but where the roof and inside stamp together, where the drip rail attaches, are all rotted .....My question is.......
Are there any replacment body parts for this section????
If not ... what should i do to replace this section by cut and welding it???????????
Any Answers would help allot!! Pleas email:
[email protected]

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OK - you've been sitting here since 8:30 this morning and no one has replied so I will take a stab at it! You're screwed dude!

There are no replacement parts available, short of scavenging a roof from another vehicle there is not much to do about it. Is it seriously rotted? Or is it just surface rust? If it's not too far gone you may be able to use POR-15 with POR-patch and fill it in. But a real repair sounds like a new roof.

Just my .02. Sorry /forums/images/icons/frown.gif

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