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Help needed w/e-brake cable to shoe

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For the life of me I have not figured out a way to get the e-brake cable hooked back up to the e-brake arm on the rear brake shoe. The spring is very tight and I have not found a tool that lets me slide the spring back long enough to get the nib through the slot. Anyone have a suggestion?
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I had the same problem recently on the Ranchero. Tore a big hunk of skin of my thumb. Had to get my son out to help. I learned my lesson and did not take the other side off.

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Try this link to find a suitable tool to compress the spring- 365

You may also have to back off the handbrake adjustment to get the shoe hooked back up.
I've always just used a pair of pliers and pulled the spring back far enough to hook it onto the shoe.
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I use help when doing that part. I have a friend hold the very end with a large pair of pliers, then I place a pair of needle nose pliers in the last coil of the spring and pull it back, then inset the lever.

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Thanks for the link. That tool looks like it'll be the ticket. Since I'll be doing this again on another car, the $15 is worth it!
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