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Help on vin problem

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My 1970 mustang sportroof have no vin plates but I found this on the left fender apron : * 0R158825 *
Can I use this # to get the vin or I must look for other numbers?
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Given what you have, Marti Auto Works ( can probably search through the records they licensed from Ford to help you figure out what the rest of the VIN might be. If all you have is the stamping on the aprons, with no dash plate, door sticker, or paperwork, the only other place a partial VIN might show up is on the engine and transmission if they happen to be original. A call to Marti Auto Works (they may charge a small amount for the research) might be the quickest way to figure things out.

Scott Hollenbeck
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you seem to be missing a few numbers..

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Yes, after the R you should have a two character body code (I don't know what the '70s used for Coupe, Convertible or Sportroof) and after that a single letter for engine eg. T= 200 I6, F= 302 V8 G = Boss 302...

The last six numbers are the consecutive serial number.


Dean T

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What the owner found was one of the "hidden" VIN's On the later classic Mustangs Ford used the same parrern as they did on engine and trans of the same years.

Only \Year, factory , and sequential number

Jeff Speegle
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Look and even remove the dash pad if needed , on the drivers side of the windsheild at the base to locate the VIN tag. This is the one that will be need for registration.

What you found was one of the "hidden" Vins designed to confirm the visable ones. By 70 Ford had reduced these to a shorten incomplete VIN. The one you found tells us that it was a 1970 built at San Jose and was the 158825th car planned for assembly. What it lacks for a full VIN is engine size and body type.

The complete VIN was originally on any order forms, ownership papers, registration, drivers side door decal, windsheild tag and often written in the owners manual
Hope this helps

Jeff Speegle
MCA Shelby Gold Card
Mustang & Shelby research, documentation
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