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HELP Power Brake Booster Question

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I have a 66 coupe I am working on. Before I bought the car it was sitting for ten plus years some where in california. Now my question what is the likleyhood the booster is fine and does not need to be replaced? The car is still being worked on and won't have an engine in it until about october or november so It's not like I can just test it out. Just trying to get my car budget up to date and want to know if I should plan on buying a new one. All input is welcomed caus I don't have any real clue how the booster work's and how it would wear out from normal use. Thanks Richard
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Plan on a new one.Set aside 300.00 and get one of the new boosters with the dual master cylinder. These bolt right in and are a dream to update the brakes.Get the proportioning valve from a Granada and for gods sakes,,,,put disk on the front if it doesn't already have them.Granada will bolt right on. Much safer.
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