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Help With adjusting Door glass

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Has anybody had problems adlusting thier door glass on a 70 fastback When i try to roll up the window with the door shut, the window rolls inside of the 1/4 glass. And when i try to shut the door with the window up, the top of the glass hits the 1/4 glass first causing to much of a bind to shut the door. I have the 2 rails inside the door adjusted all the way in, to bring the top of the glass out, but it still isnt enough Any ideas?????
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If you have a bolt on (70 version)they fits both cars 69/70. That ones will go in, a lots better,than glued ones.
You have to have door hinge pins in very good condition, no free run. Then you do have 7 points of adjustement. Sliders (bars where window slides) can be adjusted on the bottom of the door for about an inch back and forward. Top of the slider bars can be adjusted left and right (close to 3/4")
Then you can adjust the hight of the rollup of the window above the door lock from inside face of the door (2 screws).
Than on the other side (hinge door side)u have a 1 bolt. These are the stop brackets. Than one more bolt which holding the rollup arm in the middle, which will udjust geometry when rolling up to the stop brackets.
I can tell you that took me about 3 hours per window. On the driver site, I had to move weather striping about 1/4" inside to be able to properly seal.

Hope this helps.

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top of the glass hits the 1/4 glass first ... that sounds like bent scizzors. There's no way to adjust the angle that the window goes up and down. From your description that only the TOP of the glass hits the 1/4 glass, it sounds like your window is not rolling straight up and down (thus my suspicion of bent scissors).
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