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help with AOD

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Am installing 5.0 and AOD in our, (sons) 68 coupe, does anyone make a reasonably priced transmission cross member for this application? Also need information on headers, was hoping to stay with the factory shorties that were on the 5.0 when I picked it up, but the drivers side sits against the steering box and wont let the engine down into the mounts. Most of the shorty headers for early application are way expensive! and long tubes will not match up to the Cobra exhaust that I also got with the engine, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help!
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Discussion Starter · #3 · Has a lot of the parts you'll need for the conversion. the AOD crossmember is $119.00 I think. Good Luck, I'm putting a 5.8/AOD in a '67. Feel free to email me, we'll muddle throught together.

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Check out windsor fox at
Was talking with a friend and he thought I should be able to use the crossmember from the c-4 I have and just repostion the mounting of it to the car. Not sure if this can be done sure there is someone on here that would know.

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Take a look at the Windsor Fox site for one option for a crossmember and other parts....

Headers....Personally, I run JBA's (shorties) with early mounts in my D-coder and had minor clearance problems...the headers cleared but not enough to clear when the engine was running and vibrating..... a minor dimple near the steering box and passenger side shock tower did the trick...maybe 1/8".

Good quality header....7 years, tightened twice, no problems, look like new...cost me 359 + shipping in 1994....

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