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I have a 1966 C code 289, lightly modified, with a Petronix ignitor. I have replaced the starter, ignition switch, starter solenoid, and wiring harness from the firewall is good. The battery is fully charged. The car has been in an extensive restoration project and has not been started in about 12 months, but was running great when I parked it.

Originally, When I started the engine, the starter stayed engaged even with the key turned off. Also the motor started, but when you turn the ignition key off, the motor stayed running.

I had to take the NEG battery cable off to shut either of them off. All the wires from the wiring harness were rechecked with the wiring harness diagram.

I replaced the solenoid first, same issues. I replaced the starter next, as it sounded like a spun the starter the last try. Same issues with new starter. I replaced the ignition switch next, now I get nothing. In the ACC position, the gauges work, I am getting some power thru the switch. I also checked the inline fuses from the switch, they are both good.

What am I missing?? Ballast resistor? Bad Petronix Ignitor, it was only about a year old when I parked it. I am at a loss.

Also, there is an extra terminal on the new ignition switch (Scott Drake), below the ignition switch plug that I don't know what it is for. The old part does not have it. Is that a ground terminal??

Thanks, pofomoco
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