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Here is your assignment...due tomorrow

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If you have a six cylinder Mustang, go home tonight and find out which socket fits the crank bolt that holds the harmonic balancer on. Then send your answer to me via private message or email. Late papers will not be accepted.

We're going to Oklahoma this weekend to look at the 64.5 vert. I would like to take a breaker bar and socket to rotate the engine by hand.

You are excused. Don't forget, school picture money is due next week.

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It's a 15/16 socket, no I'm just guessing. but thats the size for my 8. I'm not helping am I?
Why not bring all the sockets???

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13/16 on my '68 six - expect "A+" on grade
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13/16" on the '65 200 out back.
I brought an apple too.

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13/16 here
good luck

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13/16 on a 65 motor I have out back too, darn late again, just like back in the school days!

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Everyone gets an A on the assignment...except the smart a$$es, who I need to see right after class. *G*

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It's a 23mm. *LOL* me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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If you are going to be turning over an engine that has been sitting awhile, I recommend pulling all the plugs, and squirting some slick50 or transfluid in the cylinders. You should then litterly be able to turn it by hand.
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