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I saw your picture, I noticed that the steering wheel is on the left side, I thought it was a law down under that you're required to convert to r.h. drive. Is that correct, just currious. BTW, don't you ever sleep? it seems like you're allways on. In NJ, it's 9:20 when this was posted. BTW nice picture of you and the kids, best of health to everyone.

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Recently we had all the states in Australia agree on standard national traffic laws and regulations so one of the good things about this was that you can now fully register a Left Hand Drive vehicle that is over 30 years of age. Previously you had to get it converted to Right Hand Drive. So my stang will be staying left hand drive. Its about $5000 for the steering conversion. Yeah i've been on here a lot lately, I'm on long service leave, so I've got 3 months off work. Spent heaps of time on the stang.

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