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Hey Dip stick!

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I'm in the middle of changing my cam etc. and thought I would replace the old dip stick tube while I was at it. I cannot get that puppy to move! Anyone know the trick for getting these things out of the timing chain cover?

Thanks, John
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Once you take off the bolt holding the ds tube in, try turning it with a pair of channel locks. Mine was a little tight but with a little effort it came out.

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There is not a bolt holding it in, rather there is just a bolt holding to the head or block, as you observed the fit is just a press fit.

These can be a piece of cake or a major project, it just depends on how tightly it is siezed. What you want to do is get a force applied to it that will either turn it, or lift it, or both. The major thing to avoid is to not break it off clean with the top of the hole.

As long as you don't do that it is just a matter of applying enough twisting force to break it free.

If you do break it off, then it gets tricky.

John Harvey
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