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Hey everyone, 1 month since the mustang went away

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Well I've had my new (72) bronco for a little over a month now, and I've been so busy i havent had much time to start fixing it up, but here is a list of fun things the bronco has done to me since purchase.

Hard top was rusted out and patched in a way I couldnt see, but when it started raining....I got a little waterfall on my dry clean only slacks just before I got to work.

2 days later I got a good used soft top, got home to find parts missing on sunday night @5:30 pm. I tried to McGyver it and it worked pretty good until I was half way to work on the freeway, and it decided to come off in the pouring rain. Luckily for me it landed in the back of the truck. I called in sick, got the right parts, put the top on with only a little damage, and its ok.

I had a small issue with the drivers door lock needing lube (bad) and I could not open the door from the inside.

The dam things is a gutless stock 2 barrel spinning 33" tires w/ 3.50 gears, and is managing to get about 6-7 MPG. It needs looking at there.

The 3 on the tree HAS TO GO!!!

Besides all that, I am having a lot of fun with my new truck. Sometimes I miss the niceness of my mustang, but this summer when the top is off and I am cruzing it will be all good

Anyways I am still hanging out, and the new forum is awesome