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What is a restored coup going for? It is a '66 with the inline 6 cylinder engine that has been rebuilt. It is painted. Has a nice enterior [ new headliner, carpet, and decent but used seats and trim. Has other tidbits like new sterio system along with the original am radio. has custom weels. What kind of price can I expect or ask?
Thanks- seth

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Hey Seth,

Mustang coupes have very broad price ranges these days. Unfortunatley, 6cyl Mustangs wont bring in the amount of money that an 8cyl would. Im realizing that right now as I debate selling my car /forums/images/icons/smile.gif. To get a real good estimate, some other things need to be known. What kind of transmission is the car? What condition is the tranny in? How many miles on the engine? Ever been in any accidents? How about rust? Does the car have AC, console, power steering, power brakes, etc? If your car is a plain-jane with a decent paint job and a decent interior id say its probably worth $3-4k. I might be wrong but thats what id see it going for.

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