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Hey, Greg O'Shea !!

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G'day Greg.
Just wandering who else you know from Down Under that is a part of the forum.

I have not been around all that long and would be keen to know who else see's the hobby from an Aussie Perspective - also a chance to commisserate together on the exchange rate!

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Welcome to the forum,John.There's a few of us here flying the Southern Cross.AussieMustang's north of the river from me in Brisbane,AUSSIETIM's from Sale down your way,Henry428CJ4spd is in Sydney,SimonB also from Brisbane but have'nt heard from him in a while.
I've been lurking the forum for over 4 years now but most of my questions are answered while we sleep.The info here is second to none & the folks make you proud to be involved with the Pony.

Never go into a Battle of Wits Unarmed!
Regards From the Great South Land.
Hey John.
I've been here for a while, great forum, where are you in Melbourne, I go down there a fair bit trying to find parts for my stang. Send me an email and we'll talk mustangs

Tim Russell
Sale, Victoria, Australia
67 Convertible
Hey John.
AussieMustang from Brisbane .
Nice to have another local to bleet to about the cost of cars.
You'll get used to that from me *G*

Now, have I told you about the local forum I'm taking over LOL

If in doubt give it a clout
If at first you don't succeed , find a bigger hammer
Hi John...welcome to the forum. Iam a new member here also. It took a while before i posted, read the threads avidly for a month or so. Now i login almost daily. great info and great group of people !!.....Would not like to think about the exchange rate just at the moment....we are leaving for Colorado on the 6th of April...!!!!..............Larry
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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