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they are in washington..a huge wrecking yard...
anyways they have a c-4 tranny..for 275.00
all in will cost me about 450.00 to have it shipped where i am..
90 day warranty... does this sound ok?
is there anything i should ask in particular about it?

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whoops...ok..i meant that with a 50 core charge..
and about 120 shipping..the total plus the tranny will cost 450.00
sorry bout that...
i'min the bay area...
home of the price gouging electric companies..

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too far to pick it up..
the whole thiung is the cheapest i can get by with here is 600.00 for mine to be rebuilt..and thats not counting any other
needed parts...the average price for a rebuilt job here is around 1100.00,,i kid u not..
and i can't find one in this area to save my life..
so..i guess i should jump on this one..i think..

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I don't know a used trans of unknown quality for 450 or yours rebuilt for 600. for the extra 150 I would have mine rebuilt.
Any trans I get from a wrecker I consider as a Core unless its late model low miles unit.
I just picked up an AOD for 100 and C4 for 75.00 from the wrecker. The AOD is from an 89 Mustang w/85k on it and the C4 is out of a 78 Granada w/76k. I will just assume they are cores and rebuild both. If you look around they are out there but the C4's at this time are old trannys and I really think you would be better off having your's done JMO

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Where are you at in the bay area? I'm in Rohnert Park, near Santa Rosa, and I just picked up my tranny this morning from Rohnert Park Transmission. Cost me $856. Thats with a stage 2 shift, heavy duty innards, and a 3000 RPM converter. I'd figure a stock rebuild would be $2-300 less. I'd recommend having yours done by a local shop. It may cost a little more but it'll last a whole lot longer.

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Welcome to California, the Golden State with the rolling blackouts....and where everything is expensive...

Newbuds must be a millionaire just to live in the Bay Area.....even highly paid professionals are reduced to renting rooms or living in their cars because of the cost of living...

Where I live in Central CA, it runs about 450.00, including converter...


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Have you tried calling kragen or autozone. 1 year ago you could get a rebuilt C4 with rebuilt TC for 500.00 bucks from kragen and that is a calif price.

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What kind of places have you been calling?

I'd only get mine rebuilt from a shop that specializes in transmissions. Stay away from chain tranny shops (Aamco, etc) and crappy auto parts stores (Kragen, Grand Auto, etc).

Try and have yours rebuilt instead of getting one already rebuilt. Assembly line rebuilders don't pay close enough attention to detail. Make sure they use quality parts.

I wouldn't put a used one in if the history is unknown.

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