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they are in washington..a huge wrecking yard...
anyways they have a c-4 tranny..for 275.00
all in will cost me about 450.00 to have it shipped where i am..
90 day warranty... does this sound ok?
is there anything i should ask in particular about it?
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Where are you at in the bay area? I'm in Rohnert Park, near Santa Rosa, and I just picked up my tranny this morning from Rohnert Park Transmission. Cost me $856. Thats with a stage 2 shift, heavy duty innards, and a 3000 RPM converter. I'd figure a stock rebuild would be $2-300 less. I'd recommend having yours done by a local shop. It may cost a little more but it'll last a whole lot longer.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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