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Hey all this is my first time posting on the board, and hopefully not the last!
My question is, how long {or is it a big pain} to put heads back on a engine?
Tommorow I go to look at a 70 stang, primed, 302, for 1500. Now the car is stright and looks great! Now the only thing is that it needs the heads and maybe a new timing chain put back on and it will be back on the road! It also needs some interior work but that not a prob.
Anyways, could my father and I put the heads and have it working before Saturday?
Thanks for all of the repleys!!!

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Welcome to the forum!! You will find a wealth of knowledge here and a bunch of great guys (girls too)!

To answer your question about the heads, it is definitely possible to install them in the time frame you mentioned. You must consider all of the parts prior to the installation as well as any of the tools you might need. As long as you have all of the gaskets and a good torque wrench (and of course a little time), I don't see any reason why you couldn't get those heads installed.
If you are removing the old manifold, just be careful not to let the coolant flow down into the engine. Also, mark the distributor prior to removal so you know how to put it back in (that's probably the hardest part).

Good luck and welcome to the family!!!


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If'n I can do it, you can. Read my prior post about gasket leaks earlier today. ( Why were the heads taken off?)
Good luck and welcome to the forum. By the way, if that Stang looks even half way descent, grab it. Sounds like a good price.
By the way, fill in your Bio. It really helps. Include area you live and interests. Also, I like to see a refference to age. We are all tollerant of silly questions, but even more so with our younger members. God knows this old fart has asked enough over the past year. (My son, JBStang is 18.)
Again, welcome. You will find more info than you may ever need here. I know I have!

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