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Hey, if you go to the junkyard...

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Keep your eye out for some saab 900 intercoolers. I need around 3 of them, and ill pay $30 each for good ones. Also, intercoolers sell like hotcakes on , for all you who want to make a few $$.
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There is a Saab specialty shop here in town. Well, not a specialty shop, but the guy specializes in only Saab Repair. email me off hte board and I'll give you the number..if your interested. Have to go to the Outlaws for Fathers day right now...Ish !

[email protected]
This board censors the word ?
If the word that you're typing sounds kinda like "ebhay", yes, the board censors that word in an effort to keep the "For Sale" area from becoming overrun with pointers to ebhay auctions.
Haven't seen a single Saab cooler around here. I do have 2 Turbocoupe coolers, probably just adequate for a 5.0. Also 2 626 coolers which are more likely suited to a V6. I have one off a SuperCoupe and am looking for another, a pair of these should be good for a 351. Seen any SuperCoupe stuff? Want any of these other coolers?
havent seen any supercoupe stuff. I may be interested in that pair of turbocoupe IC's...

also, keep your eye out for some turbocoupe injectors, the 87-88 ? ones i think, that are 35 lb. Those could get me some really nice HP #'s
I go now and then, what year are you looking for?
just some saab 9000 intercoolers (they are kind of small and the in and out part are on the same side, its not the HUGE saab intercooler). I'm looking to spend less than $30, otherwise ill just get them off for $50 (ripoff).

Also looking for 35 lb injectors on 87-88 turbocoupes, at least i think thats the years
and oh yah, im not sure on the year, but i dont think it matters. Just check for aluminum end tanks, not the plastic ones. Ill try and get you a picture
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