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Hey Mustan5113!

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I saw from your post on the 1/4 mile question that you are in Maine! Me too. I'm in Ellsworth, where are you? I just got my 2000 GT Convertible out today and the 65 coupe is SOOOOO close to being ready. How about some of us NE Mustangers meeting up at the Owls Head Transportation Museum for one of the car shows? Let me know, it would be a lot of fun!!!!


2000 GT Convertible
1965 Restomod moneypit, oh I mean coupe
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My in-laws live in Tenants Harbor. We'll be bringing the Mustangs up a couple of times over the summer. Hope to see you all around! I'll have to check on the Owls Head schedule for the summer.

Our Ponies
Hi pjf7395. I live in Greenbush, 10 miles North of Old Town. That sounds like a good idea to me. They have a lot of neat shows at Owls Head, but I have never been to any. Well have to figure something out. Someone on VMF made up a map of VMFers and there was about 5 guys listed from Maine.
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