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Hey, My car is 37 today! Update on progress....

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I just realized my 65 Gt Convert. was 37 today. i wish I could post pictures on here but I have tried and it doesn't work /forums/images/icons/frown.gif
You would be amazed at the differance from day one to now.

Here is the update as everyone knows I gave my car to some idiot who said he knew how to restore a car. I picked the car up and started working on it my self. Since then I have completly redone all the welding and seam sealer.

Just in the last week I have painted the underside and painted the trunk in color.

Here is the interesting part. On Monday during the day around 5:00 I was rebuilding the rear brake system:) in my warehouse at my place of business and all of a sudden I hear Get on the ground! Get on the ground! Get on the ground! Then I hear pop pop... Some idiot was beating on his girlfriend and the cops came he punched one of them (his first mistake) then he ran(his 2nd mistake). He wouldn't stop(3 strikes your out) The cops shot him!!! He got what he deserved. I live in a nice area and this just doesn't happen.

Anyway sorry to bore you all with the boring details!

I am hoping to get my car done for the Car Craft Show at the Mn State Fair grounds in July. Is that optomistic?

Anyway thanks for reading and someday I will learn how to get my pictures on my signiture line.

Anybody going to the Back to the 50's this weekend?

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